Overview Edit

Below are your ACs, steps on how to attack, damage reductions and obstacles, class proficiency and types, weapons, attachments, and unique weapons, respectively.

AC, Armor Class Edit

Your AC is how well you can evade being hit by incoming attacks. Unfortunately, there are two types of ACs, making things a bit trickier than your traditional tabletop game. The first one is Active AC and then Inactive AC.

Active AC Edit

Active AC assumes you are attempting not to get attacked, and are consistently moving, or dodging the attack. Your dexterity and mind modifiers make up your active AC. When you are attempting to hit somebody with a melee weapon or shoot them, you are going against their active ac.

Inactive AC Edit

Inactive AC is when the enemy is not aware of you, the NPC doesn't find you a threat, or hasn't attacked yet. Before you have moved during combat, you are using your inactive AC, which is just your mind modifier.

How to Attack Edit

Now that you're familiar with what AC is, then we can move on the specific steps to set up an attack, and then written below that is a detailed scenario.

Step One: One-shot, burst, or full auto? Edit

Bullets can only be used once, so using them right the first time is a must. The only issue is knowing when to use them. More importantly, how many times you roll for damage.

One-shot Edit

One-shot or single-shot applies the first amount of damage for the first bullet. Most guns can use the single-shot option, but not all - mostly because of speed, especially if you have the rapid fire attachment on it.

Burst Edit

Burst uses anywhere between 3-6 rounds per time the trigger is pulled. Burst is used when you don't want to use too many bullets, but want to do a considerably amount of damage. Some guns can't use burst, or can't use full auto. Let's assume our gun does 3d10+2 damage. I want to fire a burst, and the burst for the assault rifle of my choice is 4. Then I will roll 3d10+2, which comes out to 17. Then, I do this 3 more times for every bullet. After all my rolls are done, the enemy then does whatever damage reduction or avoiding is necessary. Unfortunately, you fire whether or not you can hit, wasting the bullets.

Full AutoEdit

Full auto varies among weapon types. Assuming my weapon uses half my total or all remaining bullets, meaning if it's 30 it uses 15, and if I don't have 15 it uses the rest. Anyways, I will roll 3d10+2 up to how many bullets there are, adding 2 per bullet. Like burst, you fire whether or not you can hit the enemy.

Step Two: Identify the target and attempt to hit them Edit

Once you have identified the target of the attack, then you may roll to attack them, with in this case, is an assault rifle. I will use the d20 to attempt to beat my opponent's active ac, or if they haven't moved yet, inactive ac. When you attack, you make an attack roll for every bullet, adding whatever accuracy bonuses or penalties apply.

Step Three: Apply damageEdit

Assuming I hit my enemy, I will now do damage. Let's say my gun uses the same damage applier as the full auto/burst examples. I hit my enemy, so for every bullet that hit I roll damage. Assuming I did 3d10+2, I roll the d10 three times, and add 2 each time, adding another 2 per every bullet after it. What is meant by that is if my first bullet is 3d10+2, my next bullet is 3d10+4.


Damage Reduction Edit

Every time you shoot something, it has a damage reduction, or something that reduces the damage it takes. Every bullet gets reduced or completely nullified if something has damage reduction - this includes but is not limited to: armor, reinforcement, probably just really thick. If a bullet does 3d10+2 damage, and you fire 15 times, all of your bullets hit, and your enemy has light armor, AND he has 40 damage reduction because of the armor, then continue reading on. Assuming you shoot all your bullets, you can do a maximum of 60 damage on your last bullet. Every bullet's damage gets reduced individually, meaning every bullet after the 5th can do damage because of the reduction.

Maximum Action Bonus Edit

Below you will find Maximum Action Bonus or MAB. This is the maximum bonus anyone can apply to their stamina and dexterity modifiers as is represented by X(dexterity)/Y(stamina) or X/Y.

Type of Armor Damage Reduction Maximum Action Bonus Price
Super Light Armor 20 10/10 $10,000
Light Armor 40 8/10 $12,500
Moderate Armor 6/8 $15,000
Heavy Armor 4/6 $20,000
Super Heavy Armor 2/4 $25,000

Explosives Edit

General Edit

Explosives have different levels of splash damage as organized by a chart below by types of explosives. Other various pieces of tactical equipment also fit in this chart as is organized by the title "handheld". Down below you can find how to craft explosives, how to throw explosives, and a chart on how to determine the blast radius or splash.

How to Craft Edit

There are a few steps to craft one. Depending on what type you'd like to make, you pay 50% of the normal price, and then make an engineering check against the GM. This determines how well the item has been crafted, and determines whether or not it doesn't blow off your hand or worse - your car driving down a quaint little neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. If the GM chooses, however, then here is a small chart with a few examples in ranking by most complex to least by DC.



Explosive used
Wanting to setup a trip-wire to defend a

house from the Russian Mafia, George

prepares one from a grenade he'd had in

his inventory.

10 Grenade
Jeffrey prepares a car bomb to crash into a

club known to be a popular hangout spot

for MS-13 members, but not on impact.

20 C4
Helen wants to prepare an explosive from some

kitchen appliances that could be triggered


30 Improvised

How to Attack/throw Edit

When throwing a tactical weapon, one must make a strength check. For every 5 ft further you want to throw, you need 2 more on the check. Throwing a flashbang 5 feet literally means a DC 2. If throwing a combat ax, this goes against the target's AC as subject to the situation.

Chart for Explosive Radii Edit

Type Expected Radius
Tactical 10 feet
Projectile 15 feet
Vehicular 20 feet
Extreme 30 feet
Large scale 10x the size of the weapon


Assault Rifles Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage
SMR 2000
M14 2000
FN FAL 2000
Type 25 2500
SCAR-H 4000
AK-47 5000
M8A1 5000
SWAT-556 5560
M16 6000
AUG 6000
FAMAS 6000
AN-94 7500
MTAR 7525
M27 8000
FAL-OSW 9000
GALIL 10000
G11 12511

Launchers Edit

Name price Accuracy Damage
RPG 15000
FHJ-18 AA 20000
M72 LAW 20000
SMAW 20000
STRELA-3 20000

Light Machine Guns Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage
HK21 12000
MG08/15 12500
MK48 13000
RPD 15000
RPK 15000
STONER63 15000
HAMR 17500
QBB LSW 17500
LSAT 18000
M60 20000

Pistols Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage
ASP 750
CZ75 1000
M1911 1250
TAC-45 1250
KAP-40 1500
B23R 3000



Shotguns Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage
HS10 9500
SPAS-12 15000
KSG 15000
S12 17500
M1216 17500

Sniper Rifles Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage
BARRETT M82A1 17500
PSG1 20000
WA2000 22000
L96A1 22500
SVU-AS 25000
XPR-50 30000
DSR-50 32500

Special Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage

Sub-Machine Guns Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage Concealment Bonus
PDW-57 2057
PM63 2563
MAC11 3500
MP40 5000
MPL 5000
MP5K 7500
MSMC 7500
UZI 7500
AK-74u 8750
MP7 10500
VECTOR K10 12000

Lethal (Tacticals) Edit

Name Price Accuracy Damage
Combat Axe 20
Frag Grenade 10000
Semtex 15000
C4 20000

Non-Lethal (Tacticals) Edit

Name Price Accuracy Details
Smoke Grenade 2000 Dexterity -10% for those caught in the haze
Black Hat Package I 2250 One-time use; hacks easy electronics; line of sight
Decoy 2500 Self-explanatory
Sensor Grenade 5000 Detects enemy in cone to 25 ft including through some walls
Concussion Grenade 5000 Enemy dexterity is cut to 25% of their dexterity 1 turn; 15 ft radius
Black Hat Package II 5000 One-time use; hacks moderate electronics, must be 60 ft away
Flashbang 5000 Prevents enemy movement 1 turn; 15 ft radius
EMP Grenade 7500 Disables nearby electronics...permanently, unless shielded.

In which case, ineffectual.

Black Hat Package III 10000 One-time use; hacks difficult electronics; must be 30 ft away
Shock Charge 10000 Paralyzes enemy; has 5ft radius from where it's placed
Black Hat Package IV 100000 One-time use; hacks superior electronics,

must be 10 ft away

Attachments Edit

Assault Rifles Launchers LMG Pistols Shotguns Sniper Rifles SMGs Description
ACOG 5% N/A 20% 5% 30% 5% 40%
Adjustable Stock 20% N/A 50% N/A 55% 60% 60%
Ballistics CPU 20% 60% 20% 1% N/A 755 10%
Duel-band Sight 50% N/A 50% N/A N/A 50% 50%
Extended Clip 30% N/A1 60% 50% 75%2 75% 50%
Fast Clip 20% N/A 75% 50% 303 50% 75%
Foregrip 10% 20% 50% N/A 75% 75%6 50%
FMJ 50% N/A 50% 60% 80% 150% 60%
Grenade Launcher 60% N/A 60% N/A N/A 60% N/A
Hybrid Optic Sight 20% 40% 45% N/A N/A 25% 20%
Iron Sights NA N/A N/A 45% 25% 5% 20%
Laser Sight 15% 25% 5% 25% 75% 25% 35%
Long Barrel 20% N/A 20% 50% 75% 75% 35%
Master Key 75% N/A 25% N/A 1%4 N/A N/A
Millimeter Scanner Sight 50% 50% 50% N/A 50% 50% 50%
Quickdraw Grip 30% N/A N/A 75% 75% N/A 75%
Rapid Fire Trigger N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 80%
Reflex Sight 20% N/A 15% 15% 65% 20% 40%
Select Fire Switch 20/50%6 N/A N/A SELECT GUNS N/A N/A 50%
Suppressor 50% N/A N/A 50% 50%5 90% 80%
Target Finder Sight 75% 80% 75% N/A 75% 75% 35%
Variable Zoom Sight 50% 50% 50% N/A N/A 80% 20%

Melee Edit