Class Abilities Edit

Tats on tats on tats Edit

Your immeasurable amount of tattoos appeals to the appropriate crowd. +10 charisma.

Melee's My Name Edit

When using a melee weapon, the rebel may have two move actions, and two attack actions.

Weapon of War Edit

Increase to dexterity and base land speed by 25% when under 50 hp.

This is my tricycle Edit

When driving a vehicle, do not take a driving penalty when attempting to multitask shooting and driving.

Explosives Expert Edit

Use explosives in an improvised way without penalty. Don't take damage from thrown explosives you throw yourself.

They Call Me Enforcer Edit

Take one class ability from the enforcer, except one that allows you take a class ability from a different class.

Guns and Stuff Edit

Pick any one other weapon type to be proficient with besides the ones you already are.

Natural Instinct Edit

Add 10 to initiative for firefights.

I'm a God Edit

When facing situations which cause certain death, reduce your hp to 1 instead. This only applies to situations like: jumping out of a 20-story window, or other insane events.

Eagle Sight Edit

Gain the ability to see any distance. +20 to perception.

I Think I Won a Race Before Edit

Minus 50% to all driving penalties.