Skills Edit

I'm Not On Steroids I - V Edit

Increase strength cap by 2.

Don't Make Me Angry Edit

Once per day, double your strength for a few minutes in-game.

They Call Me Tank Edit

When below 30 hp, double strength and weapon damage.

I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch Edit

Make a Charge and bust through objects with a hardness less than Titanium.

Was that Supposed to Hurt? Edit

Gain DR15/all if below 20% hp.

This is My Boomstick. Edit

Bonus of 50 damage when using explosives, and 10 with shotguns

Lift Edit

Lift an object, and treat it like a throwing weapon - assuming you can lift it.

Stairway to Heaven Edit

Use your strength to climb impossible surfaces, whether or not you reasonably can. Bonus 20 to climb.

Atomic Drop Edit

When jumping from an impossible height, you may land safely, and when hitting the ground, do 15 ft radius explosive damage to those around you.

You Broke My Gun!!!!???? Edit

If you can grab the enemy's weapon, you may crush it with a successful strength check.


Take no Damage from the Most Awesome of Damage Types.Also No Ragdolling Because RagDolling is Lame.