Skills Edit

Sneaky Bastard Edit

The DC to sneak around quietly is significantly lowered. You're harder to detect.

Static Edit

Difficult to track through security feeds.

Sniper Edit

Does not need to make perception check when sniping. X3 damage when sniping for greater than 100 ft, and your shots are difficult to track, but your target must be unaware.

Infiltration I - IV Edit

Plus 5 bonus to disguise and stealth.

In and Out Edit

If you make a successful stealth check, you can openly kill a person and get away without being immediately recognized as the shooter.

Point Blank Shot Edit

X2 damage when within 10 ft, single shot.

Camouflage Edit

If wearing appropriate attire to the circumstance, you may blend in with those with similar attire. A successful bluff check allows you to convince someone fully you are, in fact, one of them.

Call My Lawyer Edit

Call on the person who hired you, to get you out of trouble in the event you're caught by any party.

Let's Hang Out Soon Edit

With successful mind check, identify your target with minimal information in large crowds.

Escape Route Edit

With successful stealth check, leave the area without notifying anyone of your leaving, safely. This works even if you didn't prepare an escape route earlier, but doesn't work if there is literally nowhere else to go.