Skills Edit

What Is That? Edit

Identify a piece of technology with successful mind check.

Hack the Planet I - IV Edit

Bonus of 5 when hacking.

Backdoor Edit

Successful mind check to leave a "backdoor" in a previously hacked system.

Person of Interest Edit

Reverse the effects of the Chameleon's static.

I Will Find You, and I Will Kill You Edit

With successful mind check, pull up an individual's profile, exact location, and/or background.

I See You I - V Edit

Bonus of 5 when attempting to hack an item solely in your line of sight through cameras, or not.

Drones Edit

You can control specialized drones, turrets, or electronics-based weaponry, given you have access to it.

Not an Engineer Edit

Take one class skill from the engineer class.

Not a Chameleon Edit

Take one class skill from the chameleon class.

Hey, That's My Contact! Edit

Take one contact from the Mafioso class ability.