Skills Edit

Run and gun Edit

Take a move action, then an attack action, then another move action. Normally during an encounter the freerunner may use this ability normally, but may use it once as an immediate action per encounter.

Parkour I - III Edit

Gain 5 bonus to climb and acrobatics.

Free jumping Edit

Make acrobatics check as if you had a 20ft start when standing.

Walls can't stop me! Edit

Wall jump with successful acrobatics check, especially in narrow alleyways. You may also run along thin walls as if it was the ground.

Eagle dive Edit

Gain 20ft distance to jump, and land safely up to a 50ft drop. You may drop from any height into a bale of hay and survive unharmed. This also applies to soft surfaces in general.

I Swear I'm Not On Drugs I - VI Edit

Increase base land speed by 5, and running speed by 10.

Spooderman Edit

Balance effortlessly on moving surfaces. Bonus of 10 to general acrobatics.

Flash Edit

Bonus of 5 to AC when moving during your turn during an encounter. You're hard to aim at.

Punching Bag Edit

Make two melee attacks; when combined with Run and Gun, this allows you to continue your movement.

Runaway Edit

Carrying capacity plus your stamina bonus and +1.5x.