Skills Edit

This is my Ride Edit

Modify a vehicle's starting mechanism to be specific towards your key or craft a duplicate of the original key.

Reinforce I-IV Edit

Add 5 points of damage reduction to a structure.

Remote Detonation Edit

Allows user to remotely detonate otherwise non-triggerable explosives within a range of 1/2 mile. Requires direct line of sight to the object.

Disable Edit

Allows user to disable all electronics within a 200 ft radius.. permanently.

I made this Edit

Engineer rapidly constructs impromptu equipment for half cost and half materials. Device is half as as effective, and has a 10% chance of not working at all. The upside is you can make things in the heat of the moment.

Engineering I - V Edit

If you take it apart you put it back together. Bonus of 5 to craft checks per rank, and you may craft from memory, given you've studied the item in detail - thoroughly.

Sabotage Edit

If given access to a piece of equipment or machinery, the engineer with a successful craft check can sabotage it to blow up, or fail.

Not a hacker Edit

Pick one special ability from the hacker class