Class Abilities Edit

Chameleon I - V Edit

During a firefight, or in general, you blend in so well that you're difficult to follow. This gives a 1 bonus per level to your AC.

Infiltration I - IV Edit

A bonus of 5 per level, in the stealth group.

Impromptu shield Edit

For one round, grab a nearby civilian and use them as a bullet shield.

Static Edit

Difficult to track over surveillance equipment. -15 on enemy perception checks over cameras.

Pursuit Edit

Identify and track your target through crowds or public places. +15 shadowing

Whodunnit? Edit

Convince suspicious characters that you're innocent. This only works if you were not seen by said characters when committing the act.

It's me, Larry Edit

When encountering a stranger, you can convince somebody they do, in fact, know you.

V.I.P. Edit

"I think it's there, under Smith."

Forgettable Face Edit

Your features are such that those you immediately encounter often forget your appearance - height and all.

I'm on your side! Edit

Can temporarily convince an enemy you're an ally. Duration depends on degree of success. +10 to bluff checks during encounters.